Health awareness campaign launched by Nairn’s

A new initiative has been created by Nairn’s to raise awareness of the health benefits of oatcakes.

To encourage consumers to make oatcakes a staple and versatile part of their daily routine, the Nairn’s Naturally Energising campaign focuses on simple changes that can make a big difference. At the heart of this is the Nairn’s Naturally Energising Philosophy, recommending five pillars to make for a healthier lifestyle – balance, slow release, simplicity, high fibre and moderation – which will be promoted through a digital advertising campaign that drives people to

To amplify the Naturally Energising message, Nairn’s is working with three like-minded ambassadors as part of the digital marketing and PR campaign; Amanda Hamilton, a nutritionist, Karen Burns-Booth, food blogger at Lavender and Lovage, and Faya Nilsson, lifestyle blogger at Fitness on Toast.

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