Time for the menstrual cup


Shopping habits are seeing a change, not just due to panic buying or simply not being able to get to the shops. Some people are using this time to discover or try out new things. One area that is experiencing change is feminine hygiene. In some areas, sanitary wear has been hard to find and vanished along with the loo rolls. For some women, they have taken this more relaxed time and away from the pressures of work to try something new, using a menstrual cup.
Are you missing out on extra sales opportunities? Read on to discover why Organicup has become a best seller

Why choose OrganiCup?
• Pharmaceutical grade, highly flexible and soft silicone.
• Vegan friendly and Allergy Certified
• Easy to use
• Three sizes
• Eco friendly packaging with all the instructions on the inside of the pack rather than an in-pack leaflet.
• Cotton storage bag
• Long lasting


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