Danish organics celebrates three decades

This year marks 30 years of the Danish organic logo and is being marked with a special celebration.

Denmark is considered a world leader when it comes to the share of the total food market held by organic products and is represented with the national Danish organic logo – the red Ø – which is 30-years-old in 2020.

Prior to this logo being established, the Danish Parliament had passed the world’s first law on organic production, and since then, the Danish Government has certified and controlled the country’s organic farmers and companies. Today, 98 per cent of the Danish population are aware that the red Ø is the Danish Government’s guarantee for the organic production of natural foods with focus on clean environment and a high level of animal welfare.

Each time a Dane buys food and drink for 100 kroner (the Danish currency), almost 14 kroner of that is spent on goods that bear the red Ø and the EU’s green organic logo. Based on increasing sales over previous years, Organic Denmark estimates that during 2020, the average Dane will spend 3,400 kroner, equivalent to 453 Euros, on organic products.

“There’s no doubt that the red Ø and the general cooperation between successive Danish consumers have a lot of confidence in the way in which products are controlled all the way from the farmer to the supermarket, and the label has a high level of credibility,” commented Pernille Bundgard, International Market Director at Organic Denmark.


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