Bath named most vegan friendly city

Bath has been found to be the vegan capital of the UK.

According to the new Vegan Index, Bath is the city with the most vegan-friendly restaurants and enthusiasts on social media

The study, by The Hospital Group, combines several factors, ranking each UK city by the number of vegan-friendly restaurants, social media mentions of veganism and Google searches for vegan-related content.

With 153 vegan-friendly restaurants and around 360,000 Google searches each month for vegan related content, Bath came top, followed by Manchester, Cambridge and Leeds. London placed number five in the research rankings, despite having the highest number of vegan restaurants.




Wessanen signals sustainability commitment

The company that owns Clipper Teas, Kallo and Whole Earth has pledged its support of environmental projects in Africa as part of its sustainability goals.

Wessanen UK has helped to plant 223,378 trees over the last two years through its partnership with charitable organisation, International Tree Foundation (ITF).

As the sustainable food company’s lead charity partner, ITF has benefitted from team fundraising initiatives and corporate donations from Wessanen UK that have been used to support communities in both Africa and the UK and provide education around the importance of reforestation.

From small-scale sustainable community forestry projects to an ambitious 20 Million Trees Campaign, ITF’s efforts are focused on regenerating and cultivating trees and forests to conserve habitats rich in biodiversity.

Last year saw the completion of six small-scale forestry projects supported by Wessanen UK, which have helped to restore or enhance 109 hectares of land and raised awareness about trees and the environment with nearly 2,000 people.

Emma Vass, CEO at Wessanen UK, explained: “ As a business, we believe in the importance of connecting to nature and we’re committed to producing food in the right way to protect our planet and help it thrive. We recognise how important trees are to the health of people and the environment.”

Andy Egan, ITF Chief Executive, added: “ITF and all our local partners are extremely grateful for Wessanen UK’s support; the portfolio of projects supported by the company send encouraging messages from across the continent. These deliver crucial work on sustainable rural development, community forest management and women’s leadership and empowerment. We look forward to another year of working together”.




Wholesaler founder pens new book

The man behind Cotswold Fayre is offering his insights into how businesses can make a positive difference in a new book.

Paul Hargreaves, CEO of the fine food wholesaler, has written Forces for Good, which examines how businesses can make a positive difference in the world and help reverse the injustice that seems to be increasing year by year.

Paul started the business 20 years ago with the aim of changing the world for the better and ambitiously took on three addicts within his first five employees. He explains that he realised fairly soon that perhaps it may be better to establish a sustainable business first before taking on the world.

Paul says he has always believed that successful businesses value their own people and those within the supply chain and are passionate custodians of our planet. He has also for many years invested time and company resources into an orphanage and schools in one of the poorest parts of the world, western Kenya.

Forces for Good gives examples of the changes that we and many other businesses in the UK have made in order to create a better world. There are loads of practical examples of how you can do your part, whether you are a business owner, start-up, manager or influencer within your business to improve your triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).

Find out more at www.paulhargreaves.com