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A Better Breakfast

There seems to have been lots more talk about fibre in the media and it’s become a top-trending search term on google. Naturally found in cereals, beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables, fibre helps to reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and can help protect against weight gain, according to the British Nutrition Foundation, who say that most of us in the UK don’t eat nearly enough of it. But that’s set to change. Thanks in part to its link to gut health, fibre is increasingly becoming one of the key nutritional factors that consumers look for when choosing healthy food and drink.

Breakfast has always been a key meal occasion for getting a daily hit of fibre, from a warming bowl of porridge to wheat-free muesli or bran flakes served with ice-cold plant milk, peanut butter on toast or a crunchy cereal bar for breakfast on the go. As part of our Better Breakfast Event for October, we have 15% off all orders of our pre-pack range of organic and natural breakfast cereals and a fantastic 50% off Tree of Life deliciously dairy-free Oat Drinks! Our drinks are created using a higher than average percentage of oats, which gives a distinctive oaty flavour, whilst our natural extraction process ensures that the oats retain their beneficial soluble fibres (beta-glucans), what’s more, they contain only natural sugars. Available in 3 delicious varieties: Barista, Organic and Enriched, they’re perfect for coffee creations, splashed onto cereal, stirred into porridge, blended into smoothies or enjoyed by the glassful.

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