Alara manufactures net zero carbon cereals

Alara became the first cereal brand on Earth to manufacture net zero carbon cereals after the launch of their muesli line including Scope 3 CO2e emissions on pack. Also this carbon is offset by donating to the organization Rainforest Saver, which promotes the planting of a nitrogen fixing tree called Inga amongst farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South America. This was the latest of their sustainability firsts to reinforce their claim as the “most sustainable manufacturer on Earth” and they are working now to make the whole range net zero carbon. Their forthcoming product launch will be made at Lunch! Show 2021 where the company will not only present their next recipe moving to this range but will also launch a new product format addressed to food service businesses. Alara’s main goal is to give this sector the opportunity to include organic, net zero carbon and affordable cereal breakfast options in their menus.

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