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Alara was the first brand in the world to produce net zero carbon cereals.

The first four recipes within this range were launched at the beginning of last year and an additional one was added to the line back in September 2021. After the success of their most sustainable recipes, Alara’s main focus has been to turn the rest of their catalogue into net zero carbon in order to keep setting the standard for sustainable food brands.

Alara has finally achieved their goal and from now on all their products will display their embedded CO2e on the back of the pack. The embedded carbon has been fully offset by donating to Rainforest Saver, a charity organization which promotes an alternative method to slash-and-burn agriculture consisting on planting a tree called Inga. This tree has been proven to sequester a certain amount of nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Offering a full net zero carbon catalogue has been the biggest but most rewarding challenge for Alara and this achievement reinforces their position as the most sustainable manufacturer on Earth. As you know sustainability has always been at the heart of their business as Alara is organic certified by the Soil Association, their factory is zero waste, all their products are vegan and their packaging is plastic-free.

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