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Alara Wholefoods launches two gut health cereals

To tap into the rapidly growing gut health market, sustainable food pioneer Alara Wholefoods is launching two new organic cereal products – Alara Organic Wheat Bran and Alara Organic Oat Bran.

Both cereals are high-quality, single ingredient products that each offer a complex nutritional profile suited to anyone looking to support their gut microbiome.

A growing body of research1 shows wheat bran promotes gut microbiota diversity, and is an effective prebiotic. Similarly, multiple studies2,3 confirm the prebiotic function of oat bran, plus its ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory response – both markers for chronic disease. Wheat bran also delivers a wide range of micronutrients, including 100 per cent recommended dietary allowances (RDAs)  of some essential vitamins and minerals (per 100g).

Commenting on the launch, Alara Founder and Managing Director, Alex Smith, said: “We definitely see a gap in the market for these two products. They play directly into the heightened level of interest and awareness of gut health. So we think they’ll be a high consumer demand for both products. As well as their nutritional benefits they are organic and are packaged in Alara no-plastic packs. They also come with a very attractive RSP of just £2.69 (650g) for the Wheat Bran and £3.24 (650g) for the Oat Bran.”

Alara is offering independent retailers a chance to grab a free case (six packs) of each of the new products. Smith added: “We wanted to give retailers the chance to try these exciting new products, and assess demand on a risk-free basis”.

Retailers can claim their free products when they are next visited by their Thyme Marketing contact.




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