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Consumers expect more from sustainable snack products

New research has revealed that consumer expectations for snack products go beyond sustainably sourced ingredients.

Data obtained by UK wholesaler, Epicurium, has suggested that modern consumers have come to expect manufacturers of sustainable snacks to enact changes in addition to sourcing ingredients sustainably.

In the first of its kind undertaken by Epicurium, the recent study found that increasingly, consumer expectations of sustainable snack manufacturers goes beyond the sourcing of ingredients and instead now also encompasses full ingredient transparency, a requirement for companies to have a low carbon footprint, and an increased expectation of the use of ethically conscious recyclable packaging.

Findings from the survey, which was carried out over a six-month period across a variety of brands, showed that of those consumers surveyed, local and ethically sourced ingredients were also viewed as important when making their purchasing decisions.

The data from the project is reinforced by industry insights collected by Epicurium, which details an increase in brands that are not only transparent about their processes, but also leverage their position in the market to make effective ethical change in supply chain and sourcing. An independent trend report commissioned by the company also suggests that in addition to the scrutiny of the manufacturing processes, companies are sourcing alternative energy, reducing CO2 emissions and implementing strategies to develop regenerative businesses.

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