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Controversial vegan campaign to hit billboards

A new campaign designed to encourage people to go vegan has sparked debate ahead of its launch on billboards next week.

On April 29, the campaign will be launched by Animal Justice Project across five major UK cities. The billboards will display eye-catching photos taken from inside British egg farms, challenging viewers to rethink their food choices and consider going vegan. Spread across Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Hove, and London, these 6x3m billboards are expected to reach an audience of more than 1.4 million people. With messages like ‘There is no such thing as an ethical egg’, ‘Don’t buy the lie’, and ‘Not an egg machine’, coupled with real-life images of British egg-laying hens, the campaign organisers say it pulls no punches.

Animal Justice Project says that while industry paints an idyllic picture image of egg farming where happy birds roam free in fields, the reality is far darker. This campaign seeks to expose and share the unsettling truths hidden from British consumers. The campaign’s artwork made its debut on social media, sparking heated debates. While some questioned the economic implications for farmers, others defended their food choices.

Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager at Animal Justice Project, commented: “Marketing by the egg industry paints an idyllic image of cage-free farms but the reality is very different. Our undercover work shows frightful abuses, commonplace across several RSPCA Assured egg farms. Our billboards will combat this misinformation and bridge the gap between consumer knowledge and farm truths. When shoppers are inside the supermarket, they can instead choose plant-based products, rather than reaching for eggs, which are responsible for the suffering and killing of millions of hens every year.”

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