Grow Your Sales Organically

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed consumer behaviour, from where and how they buy, to what they choose to spend their money on and the organic market has directly benefitted. The transparency, integrity, and sustainability that organic certified products offer, gave consumers peace of mind at a time when health and safety were key priorities and this is reflected in the latest

Organic Market Report from Soil Association Certification. It revealed that in the last 12 months, the organic market enjoyed its highest growth level in 15 years at 12.6%, outperforming growth in the non-organic sector and making the market worth £2.79 billion. And the great news is that there’s a strong indication that shoppers are sticking to their lockdown organic choices, meaning that the message on organic and sustainability has hit home.

Tree of life offers over 100 delicious and healthy foods that are certified Organic by the Soil Association, giving peace of mind that they meet the highest standards of organic farming. From store-cupboard essentials and snacks to superfoods, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pastas, and the latest addition, an Organic Oat Drink, our wide range of organic products has something for every meal occasion and taste. We’re also on a mission to find improved ways to package our products that are more sustainable for the environment. Helping to make health easy, every day.

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