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Lucy Bee’s Organic Coconut Water


Coconut Water

Lucy Bee’s Organic Coconut Water is naturally refreshing and hydrating with a subtle coconut flavour – it is not from concentrate and has no added sugar. It’s a good source of potassium and contains electrolytes too.

It is from the Philippines where the palms grow in agroforestry. Fair Trade is at the foundation of all that we do at Lucy Bee, and the premiums ensure:

  • No exploitation of workers
  • Funds to support education
  • Funds for a feeding programme for undernourished children
  • Projects such as coconut planting initiatives
  • Monkeys do not pick the coconuts used in this water

Our Coconut Water is great to:

  • Drink as it comes – it’s like drinking it straight from the coconut!
  • Use as a staple in your smoothies
  • Rehydrate after the gym

Available on and at most Asda stores

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