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New global campaign launched to mark World Fair Trade Day

A new campaign to raise awareness of the lack of power and influence in global supply chains that keeps farmers and workers in low-income countries poor has been announced.

The Make Your Mark campaign is running across 10 markets, designed to highlight the power imbalance that leaves millions of farmers and workers behind staple food products underpaid and exploited despite playing a critical role in global food security. This is exacerbated by the climate crisis. Fairtrade is asking supporters to sign up to a fairer future by committing to three pledges by June 11. The three ways to Make Your Mark with Fairtrade include: Choose Fairtrade, Spread the Word, and Vote Fair.

Fairtrade explains that producers are at the end of long supply chains, disconnected from consumers, and they lack negotiating power to make their voices heard when business deals are being made. To address these issues, the farmers need a proper seat at the table when laws and regulations are being developed to make sure their concerns are listened to, and their interests protected. Without fair pay and a proper say and long-term trading relationships, millions of farmers and workers simply won’t survive in the coming decades, Fairtrade warns.

The campaign features a consumer pledge and a series of short films and farmers’ stories that unveil the bitter truth behind some of our favourite foods. Specially-commissioned films featuring hero Fairtrade farmers show consumers how their choices – buying Fairtrade bananas, coffee or cotton – can change the lives and futures of farmers, workers and their communities. They are produced in collaboration with Fairtrade’s producer networks CLAC, NAPP and Fairtrade Africa and tell the stories of three ‘hero’ farmers.

Stefan Donnelly, The Fairtrade Foundation’s Senior Campaigns Manager, explained: “Farmers are telling us climate change, unfair trade and lack of representation in decision-making forums is making life impossible: poverty forces families to choose between essentials like medical care, children’s education and decent food. Denied fair pay and a fair say, millions of farmers will walk away from farming – worsening further the global crisis of food insecurity. We can demand change.  Choosing Fairtrade products shows that we respect the people behind our food.

“The more people buy Fairtrade goods, be it coffee, chocolate, bananas, wine, cotton, or any of the other thousands of products available in the UK where you see the distinctive mark, the more power it gives the farmers.”

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