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Organic businesses invited to Soil Association webinar to help prepare for Brexit

Soil Association Certification is holding its final webinar for organic businesses to get ready for Brexit this week.

The free Brexit webinar takes place on Wednesday, December 2, between 2pm-3pm, and is designed to support the organic industry in their preparations for Brexit. The webinar is the last in a series designed to help Soil Association Certification licensees and all other organic businesses and industry stakeholders in the UK get ready for the end of the transition period.

Lee Holdstock, Trade Relations Manager at Soil Association Certification, commented: “This webinar is a critical opportunity for organic businesses to stay informed of the latest developments on trade continuity in the organic sector and ensure that they’re ready for trading in 2021. Through continued interaction with DEFRA and other key stakeholders, we’ve put together these webinars to ensure all organic businesses are up to date and able to run as smoothly as possible, throughout the transition period and beyond.

“We’ve worked hard to achieve EU recognition of our certification offer and have raised a number of other import, export and labelling issues, which we’ll continue to update organic businesses on in the coming weeks.”

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