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Suma announces two new chilled products

Suma Wholefoods has announced the launch of two brand new chilled products – Suma Kimchi and Sauerkraut. The new releases are handmade, organic and traditionally fermented using organic and seasonal ingredients.

Sauerkraut is the Godfather of fermented foods, turning the humble cabbage into a tangy, crunchy delight. While kimchi is Korea’s fiery, funky answer to sauerkraut with a spicy twist. It’s just the right side of spicy, full of tasty fermented flavours and unpasteurised cultures. Whereas the Sauerkraut is made to a classic recipe using only organic cabbage and sea salt. They’re great served straight from the jar, and perfect in salads, slaws, stews, topping noodles, in a toastie or served on the side.

Kate Willis, Brand Co-ordinator at Suma, commented: “We’re cabbage fans at Suma! We have members who love to make their own fermented foods and we were excited to launch our own brand of Suma Culture Club fermented products to join our popular kombucha range. We worked closely with our UK-based supplier to make organic, seasonal and UK-grown versions to call our own.

“Following taste tests on Suma members, we added a little chili kick and a little tamari to the kimchi for depth and umami. We wanted a simple straight-forward Sauerkraut that would give a wholesome crunch to your vegan hotdog! As with all our Suma brand products, we aim for sustainability, so the glass packaging is fully recyclable and the outer packaging is recycled cardboard. We hope you love them as much as we do!”

Taste tested on humans at Suma HQ, they’re perfect for customers interested in gut health. Supplied in cases of 6, these squat 300g glass jars have colourful and vibrant packaging, they’re at a great price point too, RRP £4.40 Kimchi and £4.20 Sauerkraut. Available to order from

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