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Suma Launching New Oat Pasta Range

Consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of oats as a nutrient-rich food associated with a reduction on blood cholesterol when consumed regularly.

Made with organic ingredients, including oat, corn and rice flours, our oat pasta is certified gluten-free and ideal for both those with gluten-intolerance and those who simply prefer to reduce their gluten consumption. The texture is tender and the taste is delicate, so there’s no competition with any sauce it accompanies. It’s perfect to use wherever you’d otherwise use a wheat pasta.

There are 3 varieties in the range – Linguine, Rigatoni and Casarecce. Linguine, meaning little tongues in Italian, is flatter and wider than spaghetti but not as wide as fettuccine. Casarecce, from the Italian word for homemade, are short twists of pasta originating from Sicily which appear to roll up on themselves. Rigatoni is larger than penne and ziti, and sometimes slightly curved.

The eye-catching packaging has a luxury deli feel and is made from cardboard from a sustainably managed forest, fully recyclable and 100% plastic-free. Supplied in cases of 12, they have a long shelf life of 36 months when stored correctly. The Rigatoni and Casarecce retail at £26.90 per case with a RRP of £2.99. Linguine is £28.40 per case and £3.19 RRP.


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