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The Grocer Gold Awards

Alara was declared the most sustainable manufacturer on Earth back in 2016. Their commitment to sustainability has been recognised once again as the company received earlier this month the Sustainable Initiative of the Year Award at the Grocer Gold Awards.

The Gold Awards is a major event in the grocery industry calendar and most relevant companies within the UK usually enter to bring home this prestigious accolade. This year Alara faced some stiff competition in the category, including big players like Asda and The Co-op, but the judges decided that Alara’s hard work for more than 40 years to develop their net zero carbon cereals was the deserving winner among the six shortlisted brands.

These cereals are the first in the market to include their embedded CO2e on pack which has been fully offset by donating to the charity Rainforest Saver. This organization helps Sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South America farmers to transition to sustainable farming techniques. They promote an alternative method to slash-and-burn agriculture consisting on planting a tree called Inga, which has been proved to sequester a certain amount of nitrogen from the atmosphere. By doing this Alara does not only prevent the Rainforest from being destroyed but also offsets their carbon emissions.

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