Yarrah celebrating 25 years of vegetarian dog food

20% of the meat coming from livestock is being used for feeding our beloved cats and dogs. Quite the elephant in the room in times of rethinking the way we eat, but tons of people still believe dogs are wolves. Fortunately, as a true pioneer, Yarrah’s founder made one of the first vegetarian recipes for dogs, now more than 25 years ago.

Today, Yarrah’s vegetarian food is available as a full range. After producing for more than 20 years and many researches done, we see dogs thriving on vegetarian food and on a mixed, flexitarian diet. As it is organic, it is the healthiest dinner for your dog, free from any pesticides or GMO, plus contributing to the core of what makes this earth healthy: our soils and our biodiversity.

More info: www.yarrah.com

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