Making a difference in West Africa

Fairtrade International published a report earlier in the year entitled ‘Fairtrade cocoa in West Africa’, which shows positive effects of Fairtrade for cocoa farmers in the region. Read More

Annual Goose Walk Well-Attended

British Goose Producers’ (BGP) annual farm walk at the Franklin’s farm in Bedfordshire proved the biggest occasion in its 30 year history last October.

Members from all parts of the UK and also Eire were joined by students and staff from two agricultural colleges and local guests, with almost 100 people viewing not only the geese, but a wide range of other livestock, in this traditional, mixed farming enterprise at Thorncote Green, near Sandy. Read More

Positive impact for cocoa growers

The Fairtrade Foundation highlights a range of positive impacts of Fairtrade for thousands of cocoa farmers in developing countries.

Twenty years after the first Fairtrade chocolate bar was launched in the UK, Fairtrade chocolate is becoming increasingly popular, and now makes up 12 per cent of all British chocolate sales – providing vital economic benefits to cocoa growers. Read More

Keep farmland for agriculture

Farmers will lose their right to claim subsidies for fields filled with solar panels, under new plans to ensure more agricultural land is dedicated to growing crops and food. The move will help rural communities who do not want their countryside blighted by solar farms.

Britain has some of the best farmland in the world, and ministers want to see it dedicated to agriculture to help boost our food and farming industry that is worth £97 billion to the economy. Read More

New look for Doves Farm

Doves Farm, the UK’s leading specialist miller, is introducing an even more contemporary design to its core range of organic flour, which will give it a stronger presence on the retail shelf, while remaining true to the artisan nature of the brand. Read More