Our apples are in danger

The humble British apple is under threat, as two-thirds of our orchards have been lost since 1960; a reason for this being they are being used to plant cereal crops or build houses. Each loss impacts not only on the wildlife that thrives on them, but also for local individuality. Read More

Raw chocolate to save endangered lions

Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn is urging chocolate lovers to join the battle to save Africa’s endangered white lions, when a delicious new bar specially created for the cause goes on sale across the UK this month. Read More

Egg Benefits

UK and International experts met in Edinburgh in September at the International Egg Nutrition Consortium (IENC) Symposium to discuss new advances in egg nutrition, at a conference entitled; ‘Eggs in Human Nutrition: Current Research and Future Directions’.

Described as “the most natural food around” by Dr Mitch Kanter, the first speaker at the meeting, eggs were highlighted as a unique food which combines a modest amount of calories per portion, while delivering a rich source of key vitamins and minerals. The sustainability record of eggs also compares favourable against other animal protein sources. Read More

Making a difference in West Africa

Fairtrade International published a report earlier in the year entitled ‘Fairtrade cocoa in West Africa’, which shows positive effects of Fairtrade for cocoa farmers in the region. Read More

Annual Goose Walk Well-Attended

British Goose Producers’ (BGP) annual farm walk at the Franklin’s farm in Bedfordshire proved the biggest occasion in its 30 year history last October.

Members from all parts of the UK and also Eire were joined by students and staff from two agricultural colleges and local guests, with almost 100 people viewing not only the geese, but a wide range of other livestock, in this traditional, mixed farming enterprise at Thorncote Green, near Sandy. Read More